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Student Support

The student support services department, lovingly known as the ‘Brain Cave,’ is the heart of Epstein Hebrew Academy.  The Brain Cave offers myriad services, from the academic to the therapeutic. Our Brain Cave staff, headed by Rabbi Simcha Cohen, coordinates with providers of occupational therapy, physical therapy, audiology, and speech therapy. In addition to general studies and Judaic studies interventions for individualized learning, our staff also offers coaching in writing as well as reading and writing workshops. Students benefit from various avenues of socio-emotional support, all orchestrated through the Brain Cave and our amazing staff of learning specialists.

The Brain Cave is also an important center of communication. One of the hallmarks of the EHA experience is the ‘Care-Team Meeting.’ Any teacher, administrator, or parent may convene a meeting of all faculty members who  interact with an individual student. Getting everyone around the same table allows for optimal communication and collaboration in helping each child reach her or his potential in a loving and supportive environment.

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