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Middle School

The transition to middle school is replete with new privileges and responsibilities.  The students must acclimate to a larger array of teachers, subjects, and classroom locations.  At the same time, they take on more ownership of their learning and are encouraged to be role models for the rest of the school. As these young leaders are granted more responsibilities, they are also given access to new avenues of learning and leadership through which they can explore their world, safely push its boundaries, and find their unique voices.

With a commitment to small class size and flexibility, EHA is dedicated to meeting students where they are academically with individualized instruction, lending even greater agency to our young adult leaders.

Our students benefit from a 1:1 chromebook technology program but they engage with their learning through multiple modalities. They crack the codes of algebra and discover what life was like in ancient Mespotamia. They gain literary skills by reading novels as well as Shakespearian plays. They break apart texts of Talmud and build working circuits. These young adults run our student government, tend to our student-led organic garden and publish our school’s newspaper and yearbook. They choose from electives that range from coding video games, to culinary arts, to Archery and so much more!

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