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EHA is synonymous with Ruach and our students’ strong spirits are apparent when you walk down the halls at EHA. Students exude their school pride everyday… and it is contagious! Be it belting out our school’s student-created anthem or the thrill of Maccabia, the students are excited and proud to be a part of EHA!

The passion and commitment of our staff directly translates into a strong school pride felt among the student body. EHA’s student body is made up of children from various backgrounds and ethnicities, all proud to be part of the Epstein “family.”  There is a strong sense of community across grades; older students look out for younger students and those younger students feel known and cared for by their older peers, even in the youngest grades. Epstein implements various programs to ensure that this feeling only becomes stronger and remains inclusive of all, celebrating each student and all students a chance to shine and step up into leadership!

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