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EHA Philosophy

  • The Epstein Hebrew Academy education is holistic in nature and promotes cognitive growth, emotional and social well-being and academic excellence.

  • EHA provides individualized support so that every student shines, and develops his/her own leadership.

  • School, Student and Parent form a true collaborative partnership to ensure that each student and each family thrives throughout their years in the school.

  • EHA inspires curiosity and trains life-long learners. Our faculty model this curiosity and thirst for knowledge and growth.

  • EHA demands the highest of standards of academic excellence within both Judaic and general studies, as the pursuit of knowledge causes a deeper understanding and appreciation for all that G-d creates and provides.

  • EHA lives by our sages’ dictum: “Decency and Kindness precede Torah Study.” The faculty model Middot Tovot, positive behavioral education, and carefully craft this learning into the fiber of everything we do.

  • Our Torah demands of everyone a civic responsibility, and that we actively engage as global citizens of the world in which we live.

  • The State of Israel is central to our Jewish identity, and to our devotion to the Jewish people.

  • EHA graduates young Torah scholars with a thirst for Torah’s wisdom, granting them the skill set to unlock our sacred texts and debate our tradition’s deepest questions.

  • Judaism is a religion of all five senses. Our experiential education curriculum immerses our students in the sensory components of religious practice and in the spirit and joy of religious observance.

  • As our students explore their evolving world, their guidance and education employs the very best and current educational practices that focus on student-centered 21st century skills. Technology, collaborative game-play, creativity and every best teaching tool is used as we guide our students on their own journeys

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