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Our History

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The H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy is a child-centered Orthodox Jewish day school, dedicated to educating Jewish children in Torah and general studies and nurturing children’s love for Israel and the Jewish people. Children are taught to think critically, to reason and to excel in all the academic disciplines; the school also models lessons in middot (character building) and chessed (caring for each other).

The Academy, the first Jewish day school in Missouri, has been pioneering the field of Jewish education in the St. Louis area since 1943. Academy graduates become Torah scholars, educators and leaders in the Jewish community as well as active professionals in the arts, sciences, business, law and government. The school is accredited by Cognia and is associated with the Torah U’Mesorah network of schools (the National Association of Hebrew Day Schools), and Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools.

In January of 2020, Epstein Hebrew Academy relocated to its current building, right in the heart of University City, continuing to build upon the tremendous legacy it established in its previous home. The move was followed by an official merger with Yeshivat Kadimah High School making EHA the only early childhood through high school educational institution in the Midwest.

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Marsha & Shlomo Fredman

Shlomo & Marsha Fredman z"l

As the school continues to thrive, and enrollment expands, on Sunday, October 24th, 2021, the early childhood center was dedicated in memory of Marsha & Shlomo Fredman z"l and officially became the MARSHA & SHLOMO FREDMAN EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER.

Marsha and Shlomo Fredman were intensely community-minded and always made sure that every head of school knew that their support could be counted on. They understood deeply the role of Epstein Hebrew Academy in the lives of individual children and in our community as a whole. They believed strongly that Jewish education is not simply a choice that we make as parents, and neither is it simply transactional.


Marsha & Shlomo believed that Jewish education is a gift that we give to our children, likely the most important gift we will ever give them. 


So strongly did they believe in Jewish education that they actively worked to make sure that no parents who wanted to send their children to Epstein were turned away for lack of financial capability. This was especially true of Marsha, who for years served on the scholarship committee and made sure that anyone who submitted an application for financial aid was able to receive that assistance with dignity.  


One of their most essential traits was that they believed that when we have something that we love and treasure, the highest joy we can experience is to share it with others, to make it accessible and welcoming to everyone who wants it.

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