Maker Space

The entire school, and every discipline of study, benefits from the Maker Space, an interactive hub designed to inspire and support our creative tinkerers! The Maker Space provides students of all ages with the opportunity to learn, explore, build, break, design and create!

Our Maker Space is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) hub that provides opportunities for our students to explore and engage in hands-on learning activities that demand the highest levels of self-expression, curiosity, and exploration.

What, exactly, do our students do in the Maker Space?

  • Second graders learning about the Torah portion of Noach and the Flood  created their own depictions of the world using recycled materials.  They then  submerged their new creation in water, learning the scientific method as they hypothesized what effects they would observe. This project also asked them to choose the best middot (character traits) to use in creatively repairing their world as well as to decide how to use the materials available in the Maker Space to remake and reshape their ‘more-perfect world!’
  • Fifth graders collaborated to experience the slavery and exodus saga of Pesach by building their own mud and straw bricks from a variety of recipes, and truly ‘getting their hands dirty’ to feel the plight of slavery in Egypt!
  • Elementary students built musical instruments out of recycled materials after an inspirational trip to the Symphony.
  • Middle School students invited their parents to an ‘Escape-The-Room’ of their own creation – each clue and step along the way planned, built and tweaked in the Maker Space – in order to demonstrate their knowledge of Chumash (Torah study).

These are learning moments and projects that our students will remember fondly for the rest of their lives!