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I am thrilled that my children have the same opportunity I had to learn in the unique, supportive, warm and challenging environment that only Epstein Hebrew Academy can provide. Our children are growing in leaps and bounds both academically and spiritually.
Lizzy Kline, Parent & Alumnus

Not only did my years at Epstein Hebrew Academy grant me a solid underpinning in academic and Judaic studies that helped carry me through high school, but it also provided me with a wonderful circle of friends from my class who stayed with me over the years and many of whom I retain a close relationship with even to this day.
Adam Ariel ’04

Our grandchildren are the third generation of Needles to attend the Epstein Hebrew Academy, and we are very excited for them. Already we have been amazed by the learning that Maytal has demonstrated at such a tender age. Hessie and I are very, very pleased with the education and the strong foundation in Torah and middos that our four children received at Epstein from the dedicated faculty, and we are proud of the adults that they have become. All four of our children are committed and dedicated members of the communities in which they reside. We recognize that the Epstein Hebrew Academy played no small part toward building the fine individuals that bring us much nachas. Kol HaKavod EHA, we have a treasure and we must let the community know.
Barry Needle, Parent/Grandparent

We moved to St. Louis for our children to attend Epstein. After three years of school we have been extremely impressed by the secular and Judaic studies in both the lower school and middle school. We have also been very pleased with the preschool. Our children come home happy every day and that’s what matters the most.
Vicki Redler-Chervitz, Parent

When I think back to my days at the EHA, I realize how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to learn at this school. The teachers and the Rabbeim not only taught us the subjects , but they taught us about life. They taught us how to Daven. They taught us about loving Torah and respecting other people. They made learning fun and exciting, and they were wonderful role models. The best part about EHA, however, was the great friends that I made when I was there. We had so much fun growing up together at EHA. We played sports, we had Color War, we went on trips, and we learned so much and had a great time doing it. I am so lucky to have gone to EHA.
Joshua Goldmeier ‘07